Identity and Address Check

Sow trust, reap success. Identity verification consists of confirming the candidate's legal name, date of birth and address that he/she has provided. This service allows you to verify the basic details about the candidate. Being assured that everyone in your organization has gone through background check ensures that there are no open risks to your organization in terms of legal issues or otherwise.

Global Database Check

A public records search allows you to go through the candidates publicly available data so that you can verify the details furnished by them. These reports need to be made to suit your requirements. We track down the public records from the local, state, and national agencies to obtain the applicant's antecedent.

Education Verification

It's right of you to demand that your candidates possess specific educational qualification. Education verification is a validation of the applicant's stated education qualification. The applicant must attach to the form, copies of the relevant documentation. We then contact the relevant colleges or universities directly to confirm the information claimed by the applicant. The verification confirms the credential earned by the candidate regarding the dates of attendance, degree earned, etc.

Employment Verification

Finding talent takes time and money. Employment verification is the validation of applicant's stated work experience and the entire work history. Running an employment verification check can help you authenticate the applicant's claimed experience. This can also help to eliminate any gaps in employment history. We contact previous employers to verify the information provided, such as dates of employment position held and eligibility for rehire.

Privacy Policy for Global Screening Services

1. The GSS Privacy policy is very simple: GSS only collects applicant data pursuant to written authorization and Disclosure and only disseminates consumer reports to employers as directed in the written authorization. In other words, data is only collected and distributed at the direction and authorization of consumers. Otherwise, the data is maintained in a secured site. All data is the property of the consumer. GSS maintains strict policies and procedures in all aspects of its operation to protect the privacy of consumers.

2. The GSS online system is utilized as a means for GSS to receive orders from authorized employers and to transmit information to and from authorized users However, all such usage is strictly between GSS and business entities whose legitimate need for the information and permissible purpose has been verified.

3. All data on the GSS system is protected by Secure access, ensuring “for-your-eyes-only” data exchange; viewing of information is restricted to the users and customers that should have it with state of the art security, encryption and password protection. The Privacy and Integrity of all information is fully protected.